Our Portfolio

Ever since we began operations, A. B. Nikam has amassed incredible experience working on projects across industries. With a wealth of diverse clients and milestone projects to show for, we are confident of our ability to deliver any project for you!

PMC Bank

A. B. Nikam designed over 70 branches of the PMC Bank. This particular showreel is for the IT department of the bank, which had to house a large number of employees while ensuring the space was lively, maneuverable and well lit.


The Clariant office space in Navi Mumbai was designed with the intent to keep the space airy, bright, and ensuring navigation and natural light were of the utmost importance. This is crucial to achieve in order to make a corporate space friendly, while retaining a professional aesthetic.

Arch Sunil Infraprojects

This project’s primary brief was to ensure the office space was bright, fresh and vibrant. It was essential to showcase “growth” which was depicted through murals around the spiral stairs. With a mandate for Vastu compliance paired with plenty of natural light, the project was a huge success.

Johnson & Johnson

The design for the Johnson & Johnson project was centred around redoing the admin department. A 7000sq. ft. office, the brief was to bring the color blue to prominence, and work extensively around the pillars already in the office. Transparent surroundings were necessary to ensure the space was light and gave off the impression of being spacious.

Precise Electricals

A relatively small office space, but a challenging project nonetheless. The solution for Precise Electricals was to ensure maximum utilisation of each square foot, while still ensuring sufficient room to move around in the office. This was achieved with compact cubicles, sufficient lighting and smart furnishing solutions.

Karuppasamy’s Residence

Among our favourite residential projects, the Karuppaswamy household was designed to be bright, friendly and welcoming. This brief was also paired with the need for the space to be warm, spacious and well lit, while using maximum modern techniques to ensure the house truly shone through as a home.

Shinde’s Residence

The Shinde residence was designed to make use of patterns and textures to make the space lively, bright and inviting to all who enter. Using complimenting colors and prominent patterns, the residence was brought to life and transformed into a home the client truly fell in love with.

Utekar’s Residence

The objective of the interiors behind the Utekar residence was to be bold, modern and chic. By playing with the lighting and marrying furniture with the structure of rooms, the harmony of the residence played out to perfection, making it a truly memorable project to work on, and more so to call home.